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Jayne Glazebrook Warriner’s Cottage Coffee Company

Jayne Warriner's Cottage Coffee Company
Jayne Warriner’s Cottage Coffee Company

How did you start Cottage Coffee Company?

It was a family practice roasting coffee beans with my sister, Cynthia Peyton, from Lake Arrowhead, California. We’ve been drinking her coffee for about 15 or 16 years. I’ve been in Nottoway County for about 14 years now and opened up a gourmet coffee shop in Crewe, which lasted about three years.

I met some friends through that effort and joined under the roof of Old Nottoway Antiques about eight years ago this Oct. I often say our businesses are married, but we are like in laws. The businesses are different entities; we’re not partners. Cottage Coffee Company is just under the roof of Old Nottoway Antiques.

I became known as selling my sister’s gourmet coffee. The coffee is unique. There’s nothing like it. It’s non-bitter, flavorful coffee that you can’t get anywhere else.

What’s the status of Cottage Coffee Company now?

Unfortunately, Cynthia’s husband had a stroke, and we had to take a few years break. However, we’re excited to announce that she is moving lock, stock and coffee roaster to our home state of Virginia. The coffee barn for roasting the beans will be set up in Keysville. We’ll have some of the same flavors and regulars, whole beans and some new ones as well.

Our friends and customers will be happy to hear that we should be up and running and roasting by fall of 2016. We look forward to seeing many of you. This article is the first of many updates to keep you posted as the process progresses. Meanwhile, please stop by Old Nottoway Antiques and ask for a cup of my coffee.

I still brew a mean one!